Thank you for finding the official blog of Animal Safehouse Program. Hopefully you have already read through our website and have an understanding of how we were formed, what we do and why we do it. In a nutshell, we help women escape domestic violence by fostering their pets while they seek shelter from their abuser and rehabilitation. We are based in Brevard County, FL, but have a strong team of student volunteers at University of Central Florida. 

Our goal is to grow our program throughout Central Florida eventually expanding to others areas of the state and throughout the country. (We've already flown one dog to Portland, OR to be reunited with his mom and transported another via auto transport to Georgia.) Our program is run by UCF Women's Studies Professor Leandra Preston, her two Yorkies and many volunteers. Leandra has been very influential in the lives of her students, many of whom have played integral roles with the initiation and continued growth of our program. We are certain that post-graduation, many of these students will continue to carry on the legacy of what we have thus far established and will be very qualified to do so with the experience they are gaining now.

While providing temporary shelter for animals while their owners seek refuge and rehab, we have recognized that out of the 22 animals we have taken in since our inception in late 2008, not all of the women entering our program are able to take their animals back. Sadly, some go back to their abusers (and no -- we don't let the animals go back!) and some just can't handle the responsibility. We are dedicated to finding forever homes for the surrendered pets of these women and are currently working towards formalizing this aspect of our program.

Our most immediate goal aside from caring for these pets and getting their owners to safety is filing for our 501 (C)(3) non-profit status. Our paperwork is complete but we lack the funds to submit it. We are currently $400 shy of being able to do so! If you can help with even as little as $5, please consider doing so. Or...if you know of a business or individual who would be interested in sponsoring this remaining portion or the cost of filing in it's entirety, we will be happy to give them HUGE thanks and a premium sponsorship spot on our website (sponsorship section is currently under construction...will be up soon!)
 Your donation is tax-deductible. Our tax ID number: 27-1193005 CLICK HERE for our donation button. Once we have received this status, we will be eligible for grants which are integral for the growth of our program as well as donations and discounts of various supplies such as food, flea treatments, etc. 

Thank you for finding our blog and spreading the word about Animal Safehouse Program. Feel free to bookmark us an check back often for what's new. Peace, Love, and Pawprints.

Kate Flack
Marketing Director ASP
Brevard County Volunteer and Adoption Coordinator