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We participate in many fundraisers and pet-related events throughout Central Florida. Please refer to this page to see where we will be in the near future along with where we've been in the past! Special thanks to all who help us help them.

We have had a lapse in promotion and fundraising activity over the past few years (but not a lapse in need!) because our focus has been on assisting survivors and we are essentially a "few people" organization (literally), so if you'd like to be more involved in any way, including assisting with 501(c)3 status establishment, accounting, fundraising, organizing volunteers, etcetera--we are open to ALL and ANY suggestions. Please contact Leandra Preston-Sidler at animalsafehouse@gmail.com for information or if you would like to share ideas or resources. 

As an independent organization run by private donations (with 100% of donations going directly to serve women and pets in need), we devote time doing so much that fundraising often falls aside. But we can't do what we do without volunteers and financial assistance. 

If you have fundraising ideas or would like to organize an event for Animal Safehouse, email animalsafehouse@gmail.com!




Past Events and Gallery Links

February 28th, 2010 - 4th Annual Mardi Gras Paws in the Park at Cocoa Village

This event always proves to be filled with fun and furry friends! Special thanks to Theresa and the Central Brevard Humane Society for allowing us to have table space promoting our efforts to shelter animals while their owners seek refuge and transition from domestic violence situation

To view these photos, CLICK HERE. You can download any image or order directly from Shutterfly to be mailed to your home or picked up at Target.

Animal Safehouse at Natura, Halloween 2009


Other past events coming soon and certainly many more to come in the future. We are planning something really BIG at the moment...so stay tuned!