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 They Need Your Help!

Volunteers are desperately needed to keep our program running. There is no telling when a woman is ready to leave and we need to be ready when she is ready. We have several ways you can help:


We are in constant need of fosters willing to provide temporary housing for dogs, cats and possibly other species. If you are interested, please email us at animalsafehouse@gmail.com specifying what type(s) of animal(s) you are willing to take in and whether you have a size or time limit. All supplies are provided.  PLEASE CLICK HERE TO FOSTER!!!


We are currently pulling together a group of volunteers who can provide transport for animals from various women's domestic violence and/or animal shelters to foster homes. Transport to vet visits is also sometimes required. Gas money is always provided.

Event Volunteers

Fundraising and advocacy is crucial to our sustainance and growth. We have had great success with our UCF volunteers who have set up tables in front of grocery stores and held bake sales on campus. We would like to continue these efforts in Orlando as well as kickstart some of the same in Brevard! If you have time to offer, we would greatly appreciate any time you can spare towards gaining exposure and generating donations for our program.

Veterinary Care

We need to make sure that our pets are not just safe but healthy! It is our goal to have every animal up-to-date on shots and check-ups. Every now and then, veterinary care may exceed the basics. We are now seeking veterinarians throughout Brevard and Orlando who can donate or discount a fixed number of visits per month for general check-ups and vaccinations as well as donations/discounts on additional veterinary care.

If you can volunteer in any way, please email us at animalsafehouse@gmail.com.